If you find yourself suffering from bulimia, you may feel guilty about the fact that you are struggling to control your desire to purge. But there are many ways in which you can control your desire to binge and purge on your own.

Accept Your Emotions

When you feel an urge to binge, it is important to accept that you are experiencing this urge. Many who feel an urge to binge feel guilty because of this urge. The feelings of guilt only exacerbate the problem by causing bingers to feel guilty. This contributes to the negative emotions that lead to binging in the first place. The desire to binge is simply a feeling and is not a moral failing. Tell yourself that it is okay to experience the discomfort that you are currently experiencing and allow the feelings to wash over you. Remind yourself that the real you does not want to binge and that you will not binge.

One of the mistakes that is made when trying to avoid binging and purging is to treat binging and purging like it is a problem involving will power. It is true that will power can help someone resist the urge to binge, but eventually, the urge to eat will become overwhelming. Instead, what you need to do is start normalizing your eating behavior. Begin consuming three meals a day so that your body will no longer believe that it is experiencing a famine and you will be less likely to binge.

Eat With Mindfulness

When you feel the urge to eat, slow yourself down by thinking about what you would like to eat. Think about the food options that would be the most nourishing and about how you would go about cooking the meal. When you cook the meal, be mindful of the experience. Pay attention to the smells and to how the food is changing as you cook it. When it is time to serve it, eat your food slowly, pay close attention to how it tastes, and pay attention to how you feel as you eat. By being mindful and deliberate, you will be able to eat while having an easier time resisting the desire to purge.

While there are some methods of self-treatment, the best approach is to check yourself into an eating disorder residential therapy service. It is often difficult to overcome personal struggles on your own. Talk to a therapist for more information.